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Free Hearing Test

Hearing testing, also known as audiometry, is a medical procedure used to assess a person’s auditory abilities.


It can identify various issues or conditions of the ear that may impact the quality of life.

There are different types of hearing tests, each examining specific aspects of the functioning of our ears.

Sennheiser ConC 400 Smart Headphones

  1. Enhanced speech with automatic scene detection
  2. Noise blocking for relaxation and focus through active noise suppression
  3. No required hearing tests: plug and play
  4. Compatibility with nearly any Bluetooth device
  5. Self-control via a dedicated application

With the Sennheiser ConC 400, the auditory experience becomes more advanced and effortless than ever. Automatic scene detection enhances speech clarity, ensuring effortless communication. Active noise suppression not only blocks surrounding distractions but also creates an environment conducive to relaxation and focus. With these headphones, there’s no need for complicated hearing tests – they are plug and play, ready to deliver quality audio. The extended Bluetooth compatibility allows their use with almost any device, and self-control through a dedicated app adds a touch of customization to the auditory experience.

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